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Using Sage50 Accounts data to pre-populate mobile forms

Using Sage50 Accounts data with mobile forms

Outside of Microsoft Office, rarely has there been a shrink wrapped desktop package that has permeated mainstream business to the same extent as Sage50 Accounts.
Pushed, pulled, bent and shaped to suit nearly as many different needs as there are installs, Sage50 Accounts has stood the test of time for 100,000s of businesses globally.

Custom forms with Sage50
Mobilising your workforce with custom forms

Mobilising your workforce with custom forms

8 out of 10 people in the UK now own a smartphone. According to the UN agency, mobiles will “outnumber people next year” and the growth of smart devices is remarkable.
The IDC’s latest figures show that “the worldwide smartphone market will reach a total of 1.4 billion units shipped in 2015, up 10.4% from 2014”. This doesn’t include tablets or other portable smart devices.

Field worker custom forms
Interactive Online Forms for School Business Managers

Interactive Online Forms for School Business Managers

The seemingly never ending requirement to capture consistent and accurate data for analysis and onwards compliance reporting is no more apparent than in the educational and Not for Profit sectors. Whether it be to secure Government funding, legal and regulatory compliance or more increasingly, good financial management for those entering Academy Trust / Multi-Academy Trust (MATs) status, timely data collection clearly has a major role to play.

Interactive Online Forms for schools
Mobile workforce software integration

Mobile workforce software integration, what are the benefits?

Most companies, whatever their size, rely on software to provide critical business intelligence and the streamlining of processes.
Today, complex software is used for just about everything, from accounts and finance to customer relationships management and supply chains. That’s because software enables robust methods of data collection and analysis, improving the communication between colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Integrating form data
White labelling software solutions

What is white labelling? | What is a white labelled product? | What is a white label SaaS solution?

White labelling is when you rebrand and customise another company’s product or service, under an agreement, to make it appear to be your own - usually to resell. When referring to cloud services, white labelling means you end up with a fully developed app that appears as though it has been produced by your business, while the actual service provider will deal with all the IT infrastructure and development concerns.

White labelled Saas solutions